4-Way Cassette Fan Coil Unit SAF-CF800

• Available in 7 different models with air flow rates from 300 to 1200 CFM

• Concealed design, ceiling installation, room space-saving, it is very suitable for home or office occasion

• With Setting or Auto two operation modes, four-way (one-way) blowing, strong circulating wind, multi wind speed

• One-step formed shell by mold, appearance is elegant

• Special insulation design achieves high heat insulation efficiency, and no condensation on the shell

• Built-in drain pump, High lift drain pump, creating the ideal solution for perfect water drainage, also construction and

installation is much easier and convenient

• Long term air filter, wash period is two times longer than the normal filter, and maintenance is free

• 3D helix air blade ensures the airflow sufficiently, reduces the unit thickness, and reduces the operation noise greatly

• Plastic drip tray adopts innovative foam-PS combined with plastic technical, the thickness of plastic reaches 1 mm, avoid any


• Ingenious hook design, the panel is convenient to install or remove

• Fresh air intake design, leading in fresh air to improve indoor air quality anytime

• Auto-restart function

• Standard remote controller and optional wired controller