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Word From CEO

SUZUKI Corporation manages a wide range of activities and investments in the electric and electronics industry. From IT products and smart solutions to HVAC and home appliances, we are also looking to expand our activities and explore new opportunities.

From humble beginnings in the IT industry in Asia, we have witnessed tremendous growth beyond our expectations, through developing the right strategies and relying on young and innovative talent.

This success would not have been achieved without the trust and cooperation of our partners around the world, and an enjoyable teamwork that leads to creating higher market value.

Having SUZUKI headquartered in Singapore has played a significant role in connecting and supporting our business partners worldwide, enabling access to various resources for business development in Asia.

A forward-looking strategy, development of diverse business areas, innovation and leveraging on local partners’ potentials will continue to be on SUZUKI’s agenda.

In the years to come, SUZUKI will continue to make every effort to stay true to its Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, through measures such as talent-training and harmonizing business priorities with environmental and cultural issues.

I ask all SUZUKI colleagues around the world to keep their beliefs in social and organizational values. By considering our company’s responsibility towards society, do your utmost to serve the best in the quality of our products and services, so we can make 2020 a turning point in the history of our company.

Sincerely yours,

Charles Martin Brough

CEO Of Suzuki Corporation Pte Ltd